Cannabis Dispensary

As the legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the US, marijuana businesses are now facing certain challenges that comes with increased prominence. Claims and lawsuits against cannabis businesses are increasing in frequency and magnitude. Whether it is a slip & fall claim at your actual marijuana dispensary, a Product Liability claim from consumption of the cannabis, or protecting your business from fire or theft claims, customized policies can offer the necessary insurance protection to help you recover from any of these unexpected losses. For custom insurance solutions for your growing business, CannaCorps has you covered.

Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators

Cannabis and hemp cultivation requires a tremendous investment in infrastructure. This includes equipment, lighting, seeds, security, and the crop growing at various stages of value, all of which can be points of vulnerability. Our focus is to provide insurance solutions to address or mitigate many of these exposures, including coverage for living plant material, harvested plant material, finished stock, product liability and business interruption coverage. Living plant material includes seeds, growing marijuana plants, young seedlings, and flowering plants still in the growing medium. Harvested plant material includes plants that have been taken out of their growing medium and are in the process of drying and curing. Finished stock coverage is for your plants that have been completely processed and are ready to sell. No business can afford to be uninsured and take the risks associated with potentially losing all of your inventory, equipment and hard-earned cash. For custom insurance solutions for your growing business, CannaCorps has you covered.


If you produce cannabis-infused products such as oils, waxes, tinctures, or even edible cannabis goods, you should consider an insurance policy that is specifically formulated to cover you and your marijuana-infused products. The FDA has not approved the use of marijuana in edible products so regular insurance companies may not cover you. No business is going to be able to handle a major loss of products without serious financial implications. Understanding the risks associated with the manufacturing process is critical to obtaining the right insurance. For custom insurance solutions for your growing business, CannaCorps has you covered.


Landlords in the cannabis industry face a unique set of risks and challenges even when compared to colleagues in the real estate industry. Standard insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage to landlords who own buildings that are leased to cannabis facilities and others in the legal medical or adult use marijuana industry. Because marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance that is federally illegal to produce or sell, most traditional insurance companies have declined to write insurance policies for the commercial cannabis industry. Landlords can lease space to a cultivator, dispensary or infused product manufacturer and then find out that their insurance policy is being cancelled. Therefore it is critical to find a specialist in cannabis landlord risk. For custom insurance solutions for your growing business, CannaCorps has you covered.

Cannabis Transportation

Delivery is a fastest growing area of the cannabis industry. Whether you are a delivery-only dispensary or strictly a distribution company, you can face a complicated set of risks. Cannabis transportation is highly regulated and failure to adhere to these transportation laws can have big repercussions for cannabis businesses. An employee’s personal auto insurance will not provide coverage in the event of an accident or robbery, as this policy generally excludes business use. And while cannabis as a product can be covered through other policies, like cultivators and property insurance, once the product is in transit, these coverages can become invalid. Cannabis businesses owners will need additional cargo coverage in order to be protected if a robbery was to occur during transport. For custom insurance solutions for your growing business, CannaCorps has you covered.

Specialty Products for Green Products

We offer many specialty insurance products that are just the right fit for your Green needs. Here are just a few, for a complete list visit our products page.

Cyber Insurance

Protects your business against paying out of pocket for costs related to data breaches or other cyberattacks.

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Equipment Breakdown

This pays to repair or replace production equipment , computer networks, heating and air conditioning, and other machinery and systems that keep your business running.

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Will respond when someone is injured by a product you produce, resell, distribute, or wholesale, assuming the injury is proven to be caused by your product.

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Because insurance companies impose caps on the amount of liability insurance they are willing to provide, umbrella insurance may be necessary if you feel that you need extra liability coverage in order to adequately protect your business. Umbrella insurance takes over where your other liability coverage leaves off.

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CannaCorps mission is to deliver cannabis insurance specialists to business owners. Whether you are a cannabis dispensary, hemp or cannabis grower, or a manufacturer of cannabis products, a specialist can walk you through all the options to protect your business. Our Goal is to deliver the best coverage, from the best carrier, at the best price. Insurance for Cannabis businesses can be complex. Speak to a specialist.

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